Economic Crisis

When the economic crisis is not systemic (which is peculiar to a particular sector of the economy), and global, as a rule the vast majority of companies feel the economic deterioration. Various industry economy experienced in different ways, this crisis for some deterioration is not so significant, for others – the new realities of the enterprise put to the brink of bankruptcy. As investigations of the company Vospriyatie, with the iv quarter of 2008 iii quarter 2009 small and medium-sized companies who have already booked online advertising tend to "look" better than others. It should be noted that only qualitative promotion of a site with low price offers such an advantage. However, even within the same economic activities, different companies may experience a crisis in different ways.

This is due to the position of the company at the beginning of the crisis, crisis management, general effectiveness of the company as a whole, the quality of the products and services, etc In any case – the crisis is reducing business income, and consequently forced spending cuts. Many business leaders drastically reduce advertising costs, and often completely reject it. Such steps koordinalno unreasonable and economically inefficient, because the old clients in crisis "melt", and new recruit almost nowhere, because in search of clients in this case do not spend a dime. In crisis conditions to the effectiveness of advertising should be treated more carefully than in the years of growth, as return on advertising in the crisis is much lower. C iv quarter 2008 year trend, when a number of companies abandoning the media advertising (TV, print media, etc.), are turning to online advertising, including for promotion of sites in search engines.