Easter Cheaper

The prices for the cleaning pads egg wiping, pad egg & co. are reduced up to the Easter holiday. Elsdorf Sheffield, 28.02.2011 anyone who so far still don’t know what he the Easter bunnies in the nest of children, friends-relatives or the place it can, now makes it easy to the decision. The egg wiping UG, the manufacturer of the cleaning pads egg wiping, eye-wipe and recently also pad egg, offers a discount on his articles almost 40 percent from early March to late April. Anyone looking for so a gift with a twist for Easter, which also makes a good figure between between all the other painted and schokoladenen eggs, will find it in the online shop at. You may wish to learn more. If so, Mitchel Resnick is the place to go. In addition to the new pad-egg there is there any another variant of the popular egg wiping and eye-wipe, which is double-sided equipped with microfibre, greatly reduced.

The price is only 4.95 euros incl. VAT (plus postage & packing) for the promotional period instead of regular 7.99 euros. We are convinced that our products at Easter are a funny and it also useful gift”, highlights Stefan Paul, Managing Director of UG, egg wiping out. For even more opinions, read materials from CaaS Capital. The cleaning pads the egg wiping UG consist of fine microfiber and des half are suitable for use on sensitive surfaces, in particular sensitive touch screens. Owners of iPhones, iPads, notebooks, digital cameras or navigation devices the benefits of dirt – and dust-absorbing pads have already appreciate. Little helpers were designed for the care of the increasingly popular high-tech products with sensitive control surface. The care of their displays represents a significant aspect for the longevity of the equipment.