Distance Come

Do not cry in the distance, come and love me in your dreams so, a man who loves not speaking just whispers feelings to anyone who loves. Doing so wraps his mind in a cloud, a dream, a desire so diving into the sea where live still in search of love and soon you come, I feel you. It would fly between the reality of today wind and my sweet fantasy that the precise moment in which achieved that my sea and your sky gather and once together on the horizon receipt of each flight imagined beauty of your feeling, your words. With a kiss I return them in my bubble. Fix your view on lathe to them and scares you.

The cavity of my words that you kiss van scattering in your bottles in each of the beautiful messages that suggest me your true love attempt to enter them, I’m sliding without being able to penetrate, you’re so great love is so pure that I encourage that my strength may not break that spell. Then from the bottom of the abyss of my sea notice your flight, sometimes closer to the Sun. I see how you away, I dazzle. In flapping road, allow between light and thus see the Moon, feel and be a homeowner. Pleases me to think of you and know you satisfied of your countless travel, accompanied by, surrounded by the most beautiful and lush birds and I realize, much appreciated decision that I see to my fish tank full of colors of thousands of fish, corals and many algae is as warm. I must admit that it is more than beautiful while sometimes still cloudy by the removed sand and that cold glass which prevents me from slide that separates me from you, still on the horizon makes me see stopped being fixedly abstracted by your flight self-absorbed, surrounded by rays that you accompany wonderful lights that penetrate my senses make me recognize your human divinity. Already, aware that you can not reach by the distance that separates us, your light I’ll take no overt sighs wishing that your flight is light, clean decisive, with thousand landings and takeoffs that live can breathe calmly, happy with the dream of the horizon, the firm caress love a flor de piel, perennial while you reached inside my sketch give you a sincere Kissfor your dream of yesterday and today most up-to-date, a caress because to uncover this dream, which I keep for now and forever with me, I do it under the veil of a cloud, in love with the moon. Samuel Akinin Levy original Autor and source of the article.