Decoration Rooms

To decorate one infantile room is something aliciante for many parents, and it does not have nothing entusiasmante of what the child to be able to give its opinion. Now it grew, and starts to sleep alone in its proper space. She wants a bed great of its favourite color: this in the hour of it to decorate infantile room. Of fact its opinion in the decoration of its room is sincere and spontaneous. With the great advances of the different medias with for example the Internet, it has a great responsibility for the substitution of the diverse activities that before were considered purely infantile or considered youthful.

We will go to try therefore, to create and to decorate a destined environment to be one infantile room where the activities are privileged correctas for the good development and growth of the children who in them will go to inhabit. To grow and to learn must be made of a healthful form. Immense parents exist who make question of that its children, still small, do not possess in its room, any type of electrnicos devices such as televisions, you console of playstation, portable computers or dvds. They leave this for the next stage of decoration of rooms and the development: the adolescence. We also know that many children adore to move almost in everything what it is electrnico device, and make it since early, since that nascem& but it will be able and have to keep moved away them, leaving them in the room or an office, in any I besiege of the house, since that they are not in the rooms of the children.

It is an excellent concept, this to deal with children and to decorate one infantile room of form the one that can stimulate the child to develop its proper aptitudes, capacities, dons and fancies. To live the phase of the infancy of a full form, without it has to jump and to jump all the stages, will make with that the children if transform into young very better adults. To initiate its decoration of room of its he drinks girl or boy, must decorates it with the colors and dolls with that the child if identifies more. All the boys costumam to like cars, motas, balls and soccer, even so for times prefer other things as convoys, helicopters or airplanes. No longer infantile feminine world, reigns the fancies of the dolls, the princesses, of adorable casinhas of dolls, roupinhas, the maquilhagens and everything what he is directamente on to these subjects. Such as adereos of kitchen, books and another type of toys exist other passions. Independently of the gostos of its child, it stimulates it of form to develop greater interest for one determined objecto. It stimulates the tricks and the coleces of these toys, books or articles, therefore the truth is that while plays and fantasiam, leaves of side last infinite hours in front of a TV or a computer and its imagination will be more fertile and more stimulated so that it has a risonho and happy future.