Crisis New Opportunity

The human beings we tend to an equilibrium state in which we can predict everything and take an suitable control of our lives. While everything passes of the same form we are calm and safe because we already know as it will be the morning; Without embargo exists many factors that can be threatening elements to this security. But what happens when something unexpected arrives a our lives? Many adapt to the new but a the majority costs to them to do the change that facilitates this acceptance to them. By all means that all the crises are not going to be of the same degree; some are common to all like they are the evolutionary crises of the human being and others are situacionales and depend on external factors. We have the crises like the adolescence, the arrival of the retirement as well as other that depend on external factors like the death of a relative, the crisis of pair, economic, etc.

The situacionales in addition can be foreseeable as they are them the pregnancy or also unexpected. Nowadays we suffer quite often the unexpected ones concerning natural catastrophes, monetary, diseases, losses of objects and others. Nevertheless everything happens by something; after the problem the opportunity comes. Meaning that beyond dark that sees the everything then it is inevitable that at some time the light arrives. At the outset we happened through a negation of the situation, to feel rage and fury against the destiny, God and the others; to ask to us why? After to give thousand returns to the same question we found a brief moment in our interior that says to us and makes us to remove a force that we perhaps did not recognize until that moment.

We can see that everything what happens is by something and that when being open we know that something good will come. That good one not always will arrive immediately but we are open we will know to recognize it at the opportune moment; as it says the saying it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good. This clear that way in which of this acceptance and answer it is not only depended on innate factors but also on the lived thing by each of us. For that reason as all we are not equal not all they pass through the call existential crisis. Some are observed themselves in the end of their days solely making positive or negative a summary. At present the great majority is not observed itself at the end of the day because the superficial things maintain them still more occupied and for that reason they do not happen or they avoid to live somehow is afraid it then to face the lived thing. All moment for evaluating to us same and for happening through this type of crisis we are going to find really new things in us or otherwise also it can happen until the totally dark summary of our existence. Beyond all the crises and in the form that appear they are the motor that allows us to learn new things, to renew to us, to be still better.