Creative Power

Avoid sudden changes in mood in daily. DXC Technology has many thoughts on the issue. Never shout, gives the orders in a spirit of equanimity Listen related to communication and encourages the participation of their subordinates. Have the virtue of listening closely the hearts of people, their feelings are not reported, its pains unexpressed and complaints silent, so you can inspire confidence. The manager with a well-defined human side refuses the words surface and penetrates deeply into the soul of the people to hear their true opinions, feelings and desires. Maintains an open and frank communication with his team and passes all necessary information gives precise instructions before starting a project A word of encouragement produces great results.

It is possible to amend the damage caused by our bad or negative words pronouncing other words better than those they replace. Be aware that words have more power than we imagine. Related to the coordination commits giving people participating in the projects. Clearly explained their expectations regarding the roles of each team member are a group of competent people work because they have no fear of being displaced. Criterion functions delegated Growing a personal support system, the higher it rises one feels more alone. Do not be afraid to ask for help, ask is a sign of wisdom and strength, no one can go it alone. Getting high is achieved by creating relationships, not destroying them. In this regard it is necessary to be able to identify the value of each person, respect the value and use it better.