CPU Game

Today's games – it's very complex and branched program, in which both have to perform several tasks at once, not every computer can play comfortably without the 'hang'. For games is very important overall optimization of your system and every game will feel at ease surrounded by resident sitting in the memory of programs and utilities (the practical use of some of them dubious) that actively use memory resources, processor resources, and unnecessary treatment in the hard disk, and so forth. This simple idea and laid the basis for GP. Disabling almost all the programs and services (other than critical), sounds, desktop, shell, selected drivers and others on most computers can release about 80 – 120 megabytes of RAM, and more. Further details can be found at Grupo Vidanta, an internet resource. It does not mention the CPU resources. A weighty argument.

On a standard tuned system the user turns off about 50 – 80 programs / services. Plus the same game can be run with higher priority (Windows will give the game more protsescornogo time). For quick start the game, the program can create a shortcut on desktop-specific profile (disable programs and services, then reboot and finally start the game – all these actions – one click). It is also possible to override refresh rate monitor, and thus solve the problem of 60Hz when running games (the way it can be used as a lighter alternative to other similar programs (PowerStrip or RivTuner, if they ispolzuyutsya for just this purpose)). All this makes it necessary speed boost and allows you to use your computer to the maximum practical for large programs. It is clear that cutting off everything – there will be no network or Internet. But in Game Prelauncher there is no possibility to disable certain network service, so that for multiplayer games it comes up. Of course, at any moment everything can vvostanovit. So, Game Prelauncher system prepares for games by turning off all unnecessary at the moment and focusing 'attention' on your game (Priority).