Council Today

What is your role? Know your role and play it well. You are a one person running the decisions of others? Or are you a leader? Learn exactly what you need to make your unit or Department to achieve its goals. Knowing your role is knowing how to play on computer. No one can succeed without the help of others. We all need the support of our colleagues.

When the team succeeds, you will also have success. 7 Delivers the best you today consider this Council as one of the most important on the way of how to get a promotion. Delivers your best efforts today and don’t wait until tomorrow. The best of you today in the projects you have pending delivery. Not you think too much about future projects that have not implemented or still.

That is in the future, since it has not yet arrived. You have to focus on doing the best job you can today. This will determine the way in which you are to judge your heads. 8 Get more than you need if you want to know how to get a promotion, get more than you need. That means taking the initiative to do a job and do it better. Also, that does not mean not to sit and wait to get work to you. The safest people that help solve problems like your boss. No matter that the problem is not yours, but if you feel that you can help to solve it and have the experience to resolve it, tell your boss that you want to solve your problem. Doing that makes you a competitive advantage for the team. And like chiefs who give his team an advantage over others. 9 Beam work that belongs to a person at a higher level than yours if you continue doing the work for your current position, then really you deserve your position current. The people who know how to be promoted know that if you want a higher level position that where they currently must start doing some of the work at that level. This shows your boss that you are already capable of doing the work of the position to which you want to be promoted. Obviously there are a lots of tips on how to get a promotion in your current job. These are some that I consider that do not practice enough by people seeking success in his profession. I assure you that put these tips into practice will increase the chances of a get a rise.