Concern Selection

They are constrained by custom or previous ideologies. The small size which usually characterize the new organization makes it easier to impose the vision of the founders of all members of the organization. To maintain the culture, once established, they apply practices in the organization as the process of selection, performance appraisal, training, development activities, reward, punishment (up to expulsion), which ensure that those starting in the organization, culture fit. Although there are three forces that play role fundamental: the practice of selection, the actions of senior management and methods of socialization. The selection, identifies and accepts individuals who have knowledge, skills and abilities to perform in the organization. Accepts people with values consistent with those of the organization, or a good part of them. Provides information about it, if perceived conflict between their personal values and those of the organization, can be eliminated.

The selection, it becomes a two way street, both the manager and the candidate can annul the marriage if there is incompatibility. Maintain the organizational culture to get people who might attack or undermine its core values. The senior management, with what they say and their behavior, establish rules that filter down and maintain the culture. Socialization, a process that allows new members are not fully indoctrinated with the culture of the organization and may even disrupt the established beliefs and customs, organization, should help to adaptation. For the development of organizational culture are key elements (11) to be skills in the performance of managers as the action orientation, so that it met, the user orientation, ensuring that all resources and personnel organization directed its activities to the satisfaction of their needs, autonomy and decision-making, ensuring the emergence of leaders and innovators, the concern for productivity and performance of its members, considering the most important asset of the organization, key source of improvement .