Computer Embroidery

The art of embroidery from ancient times is widespread among all the peoples of our country. It was used mainly to decorate clothing and household textiles. Embroidery techniques were elaborated by many generations of artists, carefully preserved all that was valuable. Previously, embroidery, of course, held by hand, but it also created works of art. In modern times there is also a computerized embroidery. The speed of the computer Embroidery will not give anyone a type of embroidery, but with the help of computer embroidery are also works of art.

And it took its place in the advertising and souvenir industry. Computer embroidery replaced the manual, but a man-made process is preserved, just moved to the first phase of the embroidery – on programming, roughly speaking, to hand stitch laying, looking at the monitor and not holding a needle and thread, and the mouse with keyboard. Computer embroidery done on a pre-developed computer program for the modern embroidery machines. Products made by computer embroidery, beauty, refinement and high performance. One of the most important element in the computer embroidery is a needle. Computer embroidery turns a normal thing in the unique. Just look at any daily or sports, or working uniforms to souvenirs and promotional products.

Besides embroidery now has more than one purpose, and specifically a method of advertising. Bright and colorful logo on your clothing brand than not advertising. In this computerized embroidery wear, durable, it has rich colors,,, high color fastness of thread, three-dimensional texture, expensive and spectacular view, as well as computer embroidery can be used complex patterns. Computer embroidery capabilities are almost unlimited. Logos and emblems of any complexity, multi-color and monochrome on silk, velvet and terry towels, embroidered initials on your family dining room and bed linen – all it can do computerized embroidery.