Charles Darwin

To enable itself to plan with them is coherent and necessary for the success in the practical one, already it was evidenced, the pupils appreciate technologies and if they feel will interacting with the same ones is a reality and the Brazilian public education cannot run away from she herself that the Brazilian educational past has not prepared it for this. ‘ ‘ In the nature nothing it is lost, nothing is created, everything if transforma’ ‘ Charles Darwin However we are not beings that sprout of the nothing and the situations that we also live are not consequences of perhaps, all the things and facts have bedding and origins they had influenced that them, we live one same process that either in a country whose invasion aimed at the exploration, either of wealth, either of strongest for weakkest, nor that for this its ignorance had that to be preserved, this type of settling influenced the education in our territory, and to want that of an education of ideology imperialista always directed toward the preservation of the system whose culminncias had been as for example technocrat, formadora of molds giving still now the first steps in direction to a release for the thought partner-construtivista of learning and mainly in a scene full of inaqualities as what we live, that the professor and proper the prxis pedagogical obtain as in a magician pass to adjust-and to the technological and social rupture of our time he is to ask for that if he gives a jump without the mechanisms for this, it is a work that asks for to qualification and requalification, update and modernization of the professor while its practical but also in its professional qualification. To deny the urgency of the necessity of updates and change of position is to deny the inevitable one, the bolder technologies is and will be each time and fast, our pupils will follow also them do not import the inserted context where they are financier or socially, only they they are part of this new society, democratic, fluente and cativante: the virtual society. It remains to the public education this new rescue to prevent the dichotomy public education enters technological world, carrying in fact these resources to inside from the pertaining to school walls, in one exploration and convivncia profcua of good results. Bibliographical references: ALMEIDA, Daniela IN ‘ ‘ In the screen of the computer, the art of the whole world ‘ ‘ New magazine School.