Carpool For Sofas, Horses & Sail Boats

Shiply welcomed the 10 000th transport companies Frankfurt am Main (14 April 2010) that auction sofa on eBay does not fit into the family coach? Must the horse on the other end of the Republic to the tournament? And the sailing boat for the summer holidays on the Adriatic Sea? No problem, finally, there is Shiply, Germany’s transport marketplace. Mike_ Eppss opinions are not widely known. On Shiply can be found quickly and easily affordable transportation throughout Europe. Articles can be set at Shiply like on eBay. Carriers with spare capacity then offer on the implementation of the transport of this article. Using Shiply, thus more than 95,000 clients could find a cheap transport way.

Shiply of increasing popularity enjoys not only with clients. Shiply provides numerous opportunities to take advantage of free transport capacities and to avoid the number of unnecessary empty runs and to generate additional revenues registered transport companies. As Shiply could the 10 000th this month already registered Welcome to transport companies. Use Shiply is always free of charge for clients. Contracting Authority can be safe, to pay only the accepted bid amount. Transport companies on Shiply pay a success fee which accrues only if a transport request has been received. de /.