Cameras DSC

In the sea of advertising noise "that fills the streets of the modern metropolis, the brand becomes more difficult to attract due attention of the target audience, 3D modeling, as a constructive solution to outdoor advertising. This is an excellent and highly effective tool. It is very much to allocate your advertising message among others. You will feel the effect on their sales. Example of life. Nearly a half years ago, Wim-Bill-Dan "started to lose leadership in the juice market. To save the brand – engine was designed New J7 advertising campaign, 'Live! Play Heroes winked at each other, the company decided to preserve the "flavor" and in outdoor advertising, for which the shield blocked in stereolinzy, creating effects winks when the viewer moved past the shield.

To save money, out of 250 billboards placed in Moscow, only 105 were used special effects. According to experts, this kind of advertising cost wbd 20% more expensive than standard designs. But in the wbd argue that the game worth the candle. The company specially made measurements of the effectiveness of outdoor advertising: wink girl noticed more than 50% of the 300 respondents. Approximately the same number of consumers called shields bright and interesting. The use of so-called stereopechati in modern advertising – a phenomenon quite noticeable. For example, last fall, Glamour magazine used the stereo image for advertising on cars. In four major Moscow routes within three months (the duration of the company) cruised trolley with varioelementami (moving images) on board.

The draft was used by one of the possible effects – namely, a complete change images, in this case – three different girls. size was 0.69 x0, 9m. Advertising so consumers liked that after only one week of Glamour had to print additional stereo – with some trolley users simply disassembled itself as souvenirs. Some companies go even further and placed on all promotional materials are not flat and bulky design. So, Sony is in order to advertise their new display placed a volume element in the form of two mannequins dressed in orange, which measure the diagonal of the new display sony DSC-W. The effectiveness of these shields can be judged from the following fact: according to some sources, the Moscow service Rescue called and asked to help the boys stuck at installing a billboard. Quantify the effectiveness of this course in not measured the Sony, but they were happy with: the sale Cameras DSC-WI overdelivers tripled. Will benefit those who can interest, attract and capture the consumer's attention, to create effective value – stopper, billboard, sign, decorate the facade, etc.