British Petroleum

The beginning of all chaos, generated with negative feelings of greed and power we know perfectly well that everything in life has a cycle and that planet Earth is not exception each certain hundreds, thousands or millions of years, the Earth undergoes changes; and although certainly the Maya and the prophecies of other wise we suggest that 2012 will be the end of the world, this was not need to prophesy, to realise where we are going. Do since when were invented cars which work with the energy of the Sun? from when the solar cells were invented to generate electric power? but is obvious that Governments and industry in many countries (if not all) and few who are powerful not suits them, because they would no longer have the control and the money. Just to see what is currently happening with the oil spill that caused the company British Petroleum in the Atlantic, off the coast of the United States has been more important to drill seabed to extract gold Black, who take care of ecology outrageous is for all human beings, all the damage caused by greed, not bring a second that at the end, chaos brings us all sleeve including them, the powerful global warming is due to the lack of consciousness of Governments to allow industries and technology to exceed the limits, at the expense of whatever, everything is for the money. What what happens with global warming?

The answer is simple: when the Earth warms, melt the Poles, which protect it from solar rays to be reflected to space; In addition to this problem generates that raise the level of the oceans and that Furthermore, they also become hot what happens when the oceans heat up? cause hurricanes of unimaginable quantities in addition to warm seas, it also affects the life of the depths; the reefs, in addition to being the habitat of many marine species, protecting the coasts of our friend and Almighty sea to raise the level of the sea, the rivers no longer where lead by consequence the logical thing is that cities flood and may be many floods that the layers of the Earth allow water penetration through the cracks and serve as a lubricant so that they can move with ease causing earthquakes sounds logical-right? on the other hand, the ozone layer is that supposedly protects the Earth from the Sun’s rays and I say supposedly, because we don’t know if still this layer exists, whether it is extinct or if already drawing does not exist by the high levels of pollution that are issued daily, 24 hours a day and is she precisely which must protect the Earth from ultraviolet rays from the Sun if we add to all in some ways we contribute to pollute the environment, by everything that we consume and all the rubbish we generate every day if we also add that there are a lot of people who don’t have the most remote idea that the Earth is all that is our home and you need to take care of it and keep it..