Brazilian Association

In accordance with a research carried through for the Brazilian Association of the Desenvolvedoras de Jogos Eletrnicos (ABRAGAMES), the national production of games for cellular telephones grew significantly (ABRAGAMES 2008). This work has the intention to demonstrate as a simple game and accidental for devices of mobile telephony it can be developed using different techniques of those employees in development of informatizados applicatory systems and or same of the used methods for the creation of games for consoles or computers. The development of the article is divided of the following form: beyond Section I that deals with its introduction, the following sections are used: Section II, where the materials and the methods used for the development are described; section III, dedicated to the gotten results and the Section IV, in which if it finds the conclusion of the work. II. Materials and Methods the Market of Electronic Games the consumption of electronic games has grown exponentially in recent years. Console manufacturers, as Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have obtained to reach bilionrios profits with the sales of its products for the world. Everything this demonstrates to the seriousness and the power for backwards of this industry and as the people, of different etrias bands, if they interest in investing in the purchase of what it supplies entertainment to them.

As he describes (CERCHIARO and SAINTS 2006), at the same time where the PC' s answers 60% of these sales for more than, more than 20% of this market are dominated by the games for cellular and come growing to each year. The remain of the market is busy for the games destined to consoles. What it contributes for the growth of the cellular sales for telephony, is the value destined to the development for mobile platforms, that second (DALMAZO 2009), cost 1.5% of the average value of a traditional game, normally esteem in 10 million dollar, being able to be produced in bigger volume.