Blogging Advice and More

You will need a Google Account. You can also send text files containing URLs from your web site to be included in Google Sitemaps but these text files will have or be given low priority at the moment. To start your own Google Sitemaps account, you can click here: But new Google Sitemaps is just the latest form position using RSS, this is not the only way! In addition, you can optimize your site using the following strategies RSS: RSS Feeds Building and blogs for your keywords. One of the best ways to use RSS is to create a blog and an RSS feed for each of your main keywords. Any theme or topic on your site is or should be a compliment to blog and RSS content on your site.

To optimize its entirety, it is better to have a different IP address for each of these blogs other than the IP address of your site. You can even use free blog sites like Bloglines (owned by Ask Jeeves) or eBlogger (owned by Google). To take full advantage, it is better to use ‘unique content in these blogs and make sure that the only link to sites high quality public relations. Ping Your Blog Pinging regular blog regularly to alert search engines of new content has been added to your site or blog. Most of you probably have noticed that sites, with the “MyYahoo” ping your blogs and RSS feeds is a great way to get sites indexed and indexed quickly in the major search engines. Pinging is simply sending a signal to all weblog tracking sites that your site / blog has been updated.

Here’s a site that ‘ping’ that blogs automatically. Add your site RSS feeds Another way to attract search engines is to put RSS feed in your high quality web site related to your topic area. Use these feeds to provide valuable content for their visitors. And it’s very simple to make, simply add “& format = rss” at the end of the URL in your MSN search engine. For example, to get an RSS feed for ‘tsunami’ you can use estaurl: In Yahoo the URL would be slightly different: Of course, you can change ‘tsunami + relief’ with the keyword or phrase of your choice to suit your site content web. Conclusion Treating these positioning strategies will give your RSS site added visibility on the web and a greater presence in the major search engines. It will create dynamic links to your site and this will result in faster scanning / indexing of their sites. You must be using RSS basically “Hotwire site ‘of his or sites to search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo – in fact, should be your top priority. RSS is still relatively new, despite the popularity of blogging, podcasting, MyYahoo and the RSS Featured Firefox browser, has not disappeared completely general. Many webmasters have not optimized their sites for RSS, so you can give your site a slight competitive advantage by acting quickly. By taking advantage of this new technology, you will see a noticeable improvement in traffic to your site, not to mention a notable increase in the ranking of your site. So do not delay, ‘Hotwire your website using RSS and you factor may be pleasantly surprised where it leads!