Asia Award

Design the design of the Swissvoice Epure is unique and the main reason that I decided for the Swissvoice Epure have (as apparently the most Amazon customers). Swissvoice has received some international trophies for the unique design (design for Asia Award”, Observeur Design”). My enthusiasm for the design but not exclusively refers to the optics: the listener is reminiscent of old phones he is really nice-great, is comfortable to hold and can be really good between Salah and ear clamp. Because the Swissvoice Epure is not over 2 million features, is the operation can be learned fairly quickly. I never looked at the instructions for me and got quite quickly how to connect the Swissvoice Epure, makes phone book entries, select ringtones etc. Full eco mode electro-smog is a problem today.

We have home 3 mobile phones, and multiple WIFI devices. I’m very glad when my fixed-line phones is low-radiation. The technology is designed so that the phone is in the idle state produces no radiation at all. Is in use, as long as you not far away from the base, has Swissvoice emissions by 65% reduced. Another advantage is the lower power consumption by this technique. My conclusion who has read up to here, is already clear that I’m generally highly recommend the phone. The Swissvoice Epure offers basic equipment with good sound quality and handling my opinion exactly what should provide a landline phone. With the best to which device is the listener he can be like when the old phones.

I don’t understand why landlines more adopted the form of mobile phones. In my opinion the old phones were considerably more pleasant to hold as the new cordless phones. In short the Swissvoice Epure is one of the most beautiful cordless phones and offers everything you need to make calls (simple). Marc Mathews, April 2012 Swissvoice Epure video report