For the entrances of this project the responsibility and authorities must be defined for each stage or period of training of this project and development managing the interfaces between the different involved groups in the project and development, to assure the efficient communication and the clear assignment of responsibilities. The exits of the planning must be brought up to date appropriately, in the measure where the project and the development to progress. John H. Wood Jr. wanted to know more. The updates generally are made through acts of critical analyses registering all and any pertinent alteration. When of the closing of the project and development it must be led in account that must coincide with the entrances. A practical and easy example that costumo to use is when goes to make one bule of coffee, where the entrance of the project is to make the coffee and the exit is the ready coffee. To become the coffee some stages they must be obeyed verifying the resources necessary to make it as the water, the sugar, the dust of coffee, the stove, the gas and the strainer. Taking care of each stage of the process that if establishes each stage for chronological order of the things, contrary case the exit of the project will not be taken care of. 5.9.

AquisioPara the good course of the management system the organization must provide the necessary resources, and for this item valley the force of the department of acquisition of an organization. To guarantee the acquired product quality and services and so that the organization can develop all its processes with quality and productivity some tools they can be observed being ones of them the partnership with suppliers. This partnership can guarantee the quality and productivity of its products through the quality and productivity of suppliers. Partnership obtained through methods of evaluations chosen for the applied organization and for control of these fornecimentos.