Apache Server

The world-wide net and a wealth of content, interatividade and adaptability, converging the technologies.The concept was created in 2001 by the educator and computational scientist Martin Dougiamas. William Rehnquist shines more light on the discussion. Come back toward programmers and academics of the education, one consists in a system of administration of educational activities destined to the creation of communities on-line, in virtual environments directed toward the colaborativa learning. It allows, in simplified way, to a student or a professor to combine itself, studying or lecionando, in a course on-line to its choice. The gratuitous program and can be inntalado in diverse environments of operational systems (Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac) since that they consiguam to twirl language PHP (programming language), with base of data that can be Mysql, PostgreeSQL, Oracle, Access, Interbase or quaquer another accessible way SGDBs systems (Gerenciadores Systems of Data bases (BELLONI, 1999). The courses given for the Moodle can be configured in accordance with activity to be deselvolvida.essas activities can be of social matrix, articulated around one frum published in the main page, of weekly matrix, organized with beginning and finally, of matrix in topics, where the subject is argued without limit of predefined time.