Apart from this issue, there was something in the music service; of which I was the musical director of the choir of the prayer group. The father told me that some ladies of the chorus, had gone to complain of my wife to him. They told him that she got much in the Affairs of the choir. And that as she did not belong to the prayer group, it bothered them that it is intervening much. And they told him that they had no problem with me and she was the problem.

In reality the problem was, as my wife also knows about music, he tried them of teach a little how to do the voices in the choir, and it seems that this did not like. (My wife also sang in the choir) And obviously, I wasn’t going to take the attitude of telling my wife: you know you can not go to the choir, and I if I’m going to continue attending, because your annoying much talk to one of the choir, and I told him that it was not still more in the chorus, and explained because. This decision made that not they belonged more to the parish. Everything that I have wanted him to narrate, I have not done in order to complain or speak ill of some people. I don’t want to let me pass by victim, I do not want that they interpreted it that way. Just want to reflect on these questions: how they treat people that are with me in the pastoral Serbian?, I welcome them with love?, I try to make them feel good on my side?, I do that its participation, is pleasant and enjoyable? I will try to accommodate my brothers in Christ, in the Church than the founded, with a smile, with a look of affection; and make them feel that Yes You can be in the Church with joy and seriousness at the same time. Original author and source of the article