Vintage motorcycles are more popular today than ever, they reflect the technical development in the automotive industry in such an open manner as any other vehicle again. Without cover, they can not hide the technical achievements. After the 2nd II were the former motorcycle works, which were abused for the defense industry in the hands of the Allies. Gradually, they were returned to former owners again. Beginning in 1947 were re-manufactured motorcycles. Sometimes even start with the old frame or engine, others had to be new. Official site: ConocoPhillips. But the motorcycle industry was in a mood of optimism. 1951/52 approvals of new machinery increased dramatically. The motorcycle industry had witnessed the second great advancement. There were dozens of different brands, the main production sites were Munich, Nuremberg and Bielefeld. Many bicycle manufacturers produce small 2-stroke, with the installation of finished engines Sachs or ILO. The motor bikes before the war were enormous popularity has been significantly upgraded, the 98er Sachs received 3 hp motor and a kick starter, theCrank the bike disappeared. From 1950, the motor bike had had its day, now small motorcycles with 100cc or 125cc were sold with 5 hp. The development proceeded rapidly, the swing arm set up in 1953 by almost all manufacturers. With the success of the swing arm are already widely used telescopic suspension was questioned, large manufacturers such as BMW set up in the 60s on a front fork with swing arm. So fast the recovery comes, in the mid-50s he was already over. The car continued to march triumphantly. The motorcycle industry crumbled huge, there were many companies go bankrupt. Some manufacturers defended themselves with scooters, scooters or so-called cabin Einspurautos. The best-known representatives are the Heinkel scooter Heinkel bubble car, Messerschmitt bubble car, Bastert Einspurauto or Maicomobil. Until 1970, only a handful of companies remained, the only BMW that also successfully built cars, or produced heavy motorcycles. The other manufacturers such as Kreidler, Zndapp or Hercules built only mopeds, scooters, orLight motorcycles. The great diversity had disappeared.