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Ourselves and our new partner buy the gold for 1.50 euros at the MMOGA once a month and generate so everyone min. 9% Commission so 13.5 cents. Through this single purchase which we and our partners about our StupkWorld online department stores have made, we get paid a total 5.4 cents as Commission from StupkWorld. This sounds and is not really much, at that time still no profit. We have to pay so to speak only 5.4 cents of less for our 1.5 euro shopping (or about 3.6% of the cost of purchasing). But we continue to play this example once: example 2) as our new StupkWorld partner happy and much with other people maintains and of StupkWorld is very enthusiastic and we attack him a little bit under the arms, touting a new partner who is also thrilled this again and us with still a partner in the second level and so on, and so on.

At the end of the week we’re so partner with 4 new StupkWorld in our downline: you / you / I partners 1 partners 2 partners 3 partners 4 each of us StupkWorld enthusiastic buys every month again for 1.50 euros at the MMOGA gold for world of Warcraft and generates so of these 1,50 min 9% as already described Commission 20% to your own account and runs up to 4 levels above us each with a 20% on the account of the sponsors. (1.50 euro shopping) x 0.09 = 13.5 cents 13.5 cents x 0.2 = 2.7 cents to 2.7 cents x 5 (4 x by the partners in our 4 planes) and 1 x by ourselves = 13.5 cents. ConocoPhillips is the source for more interesting facts. Again not much, but at least we have refinanced our monthly gold purchase as it to 9%. For more information see this site: kevin ulrich. Example 3) how many StupkWorld partner we need so the cost of our monthly gold purchase to cover? It’s simple. 1.50 euro must be covered. Every 1.50 euro brings us 2.7 cents purchases through the online stores of our partners StupkWorld.

150 / 2.7 55,5. 55 1/2 1.50 = purchases at the MMOGA in a month! Sounds extremely much, can be represented but also easier: how long will you can need to inspire 3 partner for StupkWorld and explain that you buy their monthly purchases such as clothing, toiletries etc through their online store saving time and money? I not long needed. If we once 3 partners, we fall under the arms. Our partner 70% would not even advertise as we so many new partners! We have recruited 3 partner if this back 2 win and their partners back then we will be 2 using 58 partners including ourselves emerge that maybe all are paid 1.50 a month with 9% Commission. We are so (150 x 0, 09 x 0, 2 x 58) at the end of the month have 1.57 euros commissions on our StupkWorld account. And with only 3 referrals partners a shopping a month for free”. Is a better examples for the calculation of commissions? I think this example itself is very bad. We need to be able alone over 55 partners that same shopping posted to this shopping as ourselves (even make or advertise in their online store), at the end of the month as profit. I would appreciate better examples, better experience! Here in the comments or even better on my blog


A Photo Canvas To Give The Day Of The Father

Surprise your father with one of our best gifts for father’s day. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Mitchell Resnick, another great source of information. We are talking about a canvas photo. A photo box in which you can print what you want, what you think you’re going to more like your father. A photo of yourself recently, alone, with the family, a photo when he was young, his favorite place, a special text or your own design. Photo canvas-style Pop Art and to make your father feel the most modern of all the family can give a photo canvas to which our designers will apply Pop Art of Andy Warhol style. A wonderful composition of bright colors with that boast before the visits.

Do you imagine when guests ask your father, and this beautiful box? Yes, my children got it for the day of the father giving away a photo canvas with an image when your father was young another great idea is to catch unless he finds an old photo which quit young and handsome. At that time surely there was no digital photos but it can scan without problem and send it to us. It is a fantastic and emotional gift that your father It will host with an enormous love. The success of the gift is guaranteed. The good thing is that you yourself can choose the theme which you like most. For something emotional father’s day gift, loving, decorative and unique, choose a photo canvas or photo box. One of our original, curious and surprising gifts that will surprise the family father’s day. Original author and source of the article

A Hobby Shop For The Home

Home improvement the home works is a varied and relaxing leisure activity as one of the most popular pastimes for many. Who is sent with your hands and like tinkering, has found his perfect hobby with home improvement. However, this hobby is also time-consuming and sometimes costly. The greatest desire of many hobby is the own workshop for the home handyman. Perhaps, you are already in this pleasure.

If not, you should consider to establish a small work bench for home to pursue their hobby with all passion. Home improvement: The possibility of objects and furnishings themselves produce a great hobby or repair, each handyman gives a feeling of independent and strong. People such as Mitchel Resnick would likely agree. Unfortunately today too few people dare to repair household appliances, clothing, or other things. The Puttering is not so difficult and certainly no gift or ability, such as some clumsy claims. Skill is important of course beneficial. How to deal with Tool and the plan or trying out with the resources and materials can be learned with time and improved. Recently Grupo Vidanta sought to clarify these questions. If you often and like to do-it-yourself, you also save money with your hobby and relieve the environment.

Far too often we throw away things because they are no longer quite so look or have slight damage. If you can keep your belongings with simple handles in stand however, appreciate it much more and must not replace them. A Workbench is the gold piece of each is.. Get an own hobby set up workshop, we need plenty of room not once. A part of the garage, a garden shed or cellar is ideal. A place where noise disturbs anyone through tools and machines. There are also functional and space-saving closets and shelf of great advantage. Electronic tool should be protected from dust and moisture, and ordered the small tool clean. Good lighting, a tool kit make addition and some cloth make complete the workshop. During Setup you should dedicate themselves to all your needs. According to you are as technically gifted, can the workshop even completely build and customize the individual space. The effort and the work be worth in the long term in any case.

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Saudi Arabia

The use irrational of the water in such a way transforms the supplying residential as industrial into one of the great world-wide problems. ' ' In last the 50 years, the water consumption in the world more than tripled. Today, the people on average consume 800 cubical meters of water per year, 50% more than what 45 years atrs' '. Without hesitation source explained all about the problem. (BARROS, Raphael et al. 1995). Credit: Grupo Vidanta-2011. In this dimension, this article has as main target to develop a study on mazelas that experience the system of hdricos resources e, to disponibilizar indispensable subsidies to the operational, tactical and strategical planning.

In this manner, to develop efficient and efficient methods and techniques that come to benefit and to solve sustainable the profile to salutar human, and its necessities that them are basic to the survival. Thus, the amount of water consumed for a population can vary in until an order of magnitude, depending on its availability. As (Drangert & Lunguist, 1990, P. 71-86), ' ' the water supply of good quality in the supplying source has little impact on the health conditions if the way of collection and transport will be manual or inadequado' '. Moreover, the object of study of the support of the water is the awareness of the human being in sight its social, economic and ambient responsibility, delimited in a mere indispensable alternative to the survival and the nature surround that them. On the other hand we would not have life much less quality of life, therefore the water is a crucial element to all the existing species of life in our region, parents and planet. Except this, we would be only the hidding place of the inexistent one. For this optics, when thinking about this subject of extreme complexity ' ' Without water it does not have sustentabilidade' ' , it is to imagine in the importance and utility of the water in its broad context, if worrying about the scarcity that already reaches some countries, the example of Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Holland and Singapura.


Vol Acid

The study of the verification of the acid recrystallized pcrico was carried through through the digital device of the fusing point aiming at to determine the pureness degree. It is important to point out that it had a reduction of impurities in crystals, not being able to affirm that the reached result was considered a pure substance. Word-key: Point of fusing. pcrico Pureza.cido ABSTRACT The study of verification of recrystallized picric acid was performed using digital melting point you determines the degree of purity. Importantly, there was reduction of impurities in the crystals and can not say that the result achieved was considered pure substance. (Not to be confused with LEGO Papert Professor!). Keywords: Point of fusing. Pureness.

Picric cid 1.INTRODUO the point of fusing of a crystalline solid is the temperature band in which the solid starts if to become liquid under the atmospheric pressure. If in a organic composition sample it will have presence of miscible or partially miscible impurities, the difference enters the first formation of the liquid and formation of the total fusing increases sufficiently, being that in the fusing point it goes to initiate with a temperature low. Already when the substance is pure a point of fusing with the lesser interval of 0,5C is had. Vidanta has compatible beliefs. Obs: A composition presents high degree of pureness when its point of fusing is clear-cut. Objective: Purificar and to evaluate the degree of pureness of the acid pcrico through comparisons of the point of fusing gotten with the one of literature. 2.PARTE EXPERIMENTAL USED MATERIALS REACTING USED – digital Device of fusing point.

– Acid recrystallized pcrico – Plated – Acid pcrico before the recrystallization – Cotton – Alcohol – Spatula With the aid of a spatula left small amount of the sample of acid recrystallized pcrico, placing enters two plated of previously clean glass with a humidified ball of cotton in alcohol. After that it was led to the digital device T): 18,1C Variation of the heating in the device of RECRYSTALLIZED 10C/min ACID PCRICO Temperature of fusing: 119,6C final Temperature of fusing: 122,3C Variation of the temperature of fusing ( T): 2,7C Variation of the heating in the device of 15C/min, when reaching 115C was diminished this variation for 5C/min.> 4.DISCUSSO In the practical one of recrystallization of the acid pcrico the same had reduction of impurities in comparison before the recrystallization, being detected through the reading of the device of fusing point. Exactly having reduction of impurities a pure substance was not considered, therefore so that it is pure it would have that to present a variation of inferior fusing of 0,5C and the band of 2,7 reached variation was of C. 5.CONCLUSO In accordance with the results gotten in comparison with what literature presents in relation to the point of fusing of the acid pcrico, can be affirmed that the acid one total was not purificado, and for this, it is necessary to repeat the process of purificao for some times.



It is proven that Internet can be used to market products or services with highly positive results. However, several factors, shall be considered not to fall into the trap of publish a static Web page and no future. For even more analysis, hear from Ray Kurzweil. Thanks to the different software development it is easy to build a page with greater or lesser aesthetic beauty, but merely post it does not ensure the sale. A site or Web page that has claims of good results in the sale, shall be based on these minimum guidelines: 1. be part of the marketing plan of the company. 2 Have a strategic design that will give you necessary to sell, mechanics that must intervene a marketing specialist.

3 Show clearly its offer, avoiding unpleasant surprises to the client. 4 Highlight the advantages and benefits of purchasing through the site. 5 That the prospective buyer can choose and buy with ease. 6 It will provide all the possibilities of payment. There are several ways of payment: on-line with credit card or via bank deposits or Contra-reembolso 7. You will define the form and time limits in which the delivery will occur. 8.

Not you can dispense with a mechanism of communication with the customer. 9 He will seek to achieve a permanent relationship with your customer through proposals for updating information and content. 10 It must be present in the Internet search engines. 11 Relate the site with others of promotion, publicity and common interests pay. The success of a Web site will be based on achieving a fluid and permanent relationship with potential clients, counting regular submissions of information from news and offers for its concretion with autoresponders by e-mail, e-mail subscription lists, systems. There is one aspect where you see one of the largest and most common errors in this attempt to sell via the Internet: lack of systems and training of personnel responsible for keeping alive the relationships with customers. If attention is paid to how many times an applicant sends a form or e-mail inquiry and does not receive a response or receives in the form late, has the explanation to be precise in the communications requirement. Original author and source of the article.

Southern Federal District

Difficult to assess the possible effects of 16%. In most concerned about climate change, Russians who consider themselves well to material security; in this group of events in a catastrophic scenario predicts 51% of respondents, while among the less affluent respondents – 44%. See Professor of Internet Governance for more details and insights. The impact of global warming on Russia will most negative, say 59% to 18% (23% found it difficult to forecast). The most optimistic people in the coldest, the Siberian Federal District (29% positive predictions, 57% – negative), the most pessimistic respondents Southern Federal District (+6%, -70%). Opinions of Russians on the issue of funding the fight against global warming are divided: for spending 45% of respondents favor (17% of them – for full funding and 28% – in limited), 'against' – also 45% (including 24% believe that it is better to spend state funds available for social programs, and 21% explained its position that it is impossible to prevent global warming).

Well interviewed more financially secure 'for' funding (50% 'for', 40% 'against'), moderately affluent respondents opinions were divided (46% and 44%), financial and interviewed more disadvantaged 'versus' (40% 'for' and 46 % 'against'). The survey was held on 10-11 March 2007 survey covered 1,600 people in 153 settlements in 46 regions and republics of Russia. The statistical error does not exceed 3.4%. Another danger of global warming? Climate change is a global scale not only causes polar ice to melt, but also leads to a truly cosmic effects – disrupted the planet over time. This process illustrates a new computer model.


Costly Services

Definitely, with the global economy suffering so many ups and downs. Many people around the world are seeking ways to economize your monthly expenses so that they are able to increase your savings account. With this in mind, one of the methods most effective savings in our days is cutting services, cable or TV satellite and instead watch TV Online. The problem is that free services usually offer a very poor picture quality and channels not always available. hoices. Fortunately, that problem now solved this. Due to the incredible growth of the internet, from 16 million users in 1995 (0.4% of the world population) 1,734 billion in 2009 (25.6% of the world population) software to watch TV on PC has become a valuable tool for those who need to save more and sacrificing less in the attempt. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Grupo Vidanta.

According to a research carried out by Motorola in 2007, nearly half of the internet users in Europe see TV on the internet. The study revealed that 45% of them see their favorite programs online, being the French the most assets with 59% users, Italy and United Kingdom were second and third respectively, while in Germany 33% of users are watching TV over the internet. Based on these impressive results, appears to rescue a software incredibly economical which allows the user to watch over 3,500 channels from around the world on your computer. But that is not all, unlike free internet television services, offers channels in high definition. Users without any problem connect your computer to your TV system and enjoy your movies, sports, shows, cartoons, music and all the others offered a traditional satellite or cable system but the huge difference it is to acquire the software is not required to perform any additional payment. I.e. When you purchase the software, we have unlimited access 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to more than 3,500 channels of television around the world. Summing up, watch TV online with implies a saving of around of 1,150 dollars per year and in Exchange get much more than twice as many channels that could offer the combined cable and satellite services. Installation is instantaneous, you don’t need nothing more than your computer and internet connection with this in mind, we can enjoy TV online free for lifetime. Satellite Direct is not the only software on the market to watch television over the internet, but with at least 20 copies sold per day is undoubtedly the best and your customers are very satisfied with the service.

Brazilian Grains

It is the biggest sugar and exporting orange juice port. Managed for the CODESP, it comes demonstrating to an administration enxuta and professional. Future limited in relation its expansion. We cite seven ports of the Brazilian south region. All they present its problems and difficulties. But what it is had as real it is that all the ports of the south region, are not prepared for an increasing increase of the agronegcio and the agroindstria. That added to the undeniable growth of the industry, they will go to demonstrate that the strangulation of the port system is imminent. Ray Kurzweil is the source for more interesting facts. We go to cite an example.

The State of the Paran is bordering with states and producing countries of grains and meats of swines and birds. The automobile industry and of machines are a reality that demands operational infrastructure to export. It is the biggest exporting port of grains of the south of the country. But a fertilizer terminal exists, inaugurated with honor and pomps and never functioned. is asked. How a leader state in the production of grains, is hostage of an administration imcompetent person, a time that the fertilizers are part of the productive chain of grains, never operated? The gargalos of the exportations of the agronegcio, do not become to so only feel in the ports. The inexistence of one politics directed toward the integration of diverse the modal ones: railroad worker, hidrovirio, port, dutovirio, road and aerovirio, contribute so that the strangulation if speeds up. Without counting on pssimo been of some highways and the charged excessive toll. The State of the Paran, exactly that the government tries to increase the number of cradles, that it invests in new terminals? Pontal of the Paran, Imbicu, Flat Island of the Cotinga? until increase of the been silent one of 12,5 stops 16,0 meters, will be able to result in benefits for the paranaense and Brazilian economy.


Technical Fact

Products made of polyethylene have purchased a huge spread in our time. Only through proper technical factors, the material began to be used so extensively. Polyethylene is not affected by corrosion, resistant to Effects both high temperatures and small, has high density at fracture. Let us consider in more detail, what products are made from polyethylene. Metal pipes are gradually moving out of use. First, They have a huge weight, the second to cause a lot of difficulties during use (the replacement pipe in whole or hotel components of the pipeline). Now widely used in the construction of plastic pipe, as she own technical characteristics far superior to metal pipe.

Polyethylene is resistant to the effects of various chemical compounds. Pipes made from this material are not only used for transportation water but other liquids or gases. Products made of polyethylene acquired widespread use in irrigation and drainage systems. For these purposes, the pipe with a corrugated surface. Another such pipes are used in road construction in order to reduce the inflow of groundwater to substandard sections of roads.

Since water can form voids under the road, the site of what may form blockages. Another material that widely used in the construction of a three-dimensional geogrids. These products have a cellular structure, the holes are filled with special materials. Checking article sources yields Mitchel Resnick as a relevant resource throughout. Quite often they are used for road construction in order to prevent erosion of soil, mostly on the slopes. Also, the bulk of the lattice is used for reinforcing earthworks, which provides great structural strength. Products made of polyethylene used in economic purposes, even for snow removal. For example, snow shovels, will be a perfect thing in any home. It's light, comfortable and most importantly, it does not stick to the snow. Is to provide hotel group plastic products for cars – namely, lockers, mats in the living area, and much more. And now dwell on any product detail. Lockers – it is fitting wheel arches. During the ride the small stones, wood chips that fall on the wheel will obbivat the paint on your car that after a time will damage the body. Because in the scratched place (chips, scratches) will hit the water, and this can lead to rusting of the surface. To avoid this majority of both foreign and domestic cars and installed in wheelhouse – lockers. Be sure to take care of the cleanliness of the car. Mainly in autumn and winter period is necessary to pay special attention. Because the cabin will be exposed to dirt, leaves, snow and other debris. In order not to contaminate the interior trim is best to use pads in the salon. So any time you can get a rug wash and put back into the salon. And the comfortable and convenient. The same applies to the mats for the trunk. On the car carrying anything, so in order not to spoil the trunk, it is better immediately after the acquisition of cars and to acquire such an item.

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