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Strategical Function

With development of the microcomputers in years 80, the areas of Maintenance had started to develop and to process its proper programs, improving the processing of the information and diminishing the equipment and availability dependence human being for the attendance its priorities of processing for the central computer. Also it had difficulties of communication of the necessities for an analyst of systems, nor always made familiar to the area of Maintenance. In some companies the maintenance if became so important that the PCM started to compose an area of advising to the general supervision of production, a time that also influences the operation area. Hear from experts in the field like MIT Media Lab for a more varied view. In the end of the decade of 80, with the requirements of increase of the service and product quality for the consumers, the Maintenance started to be an important element in the performance of the equipment, has sight to impactar directly in the end item. This recognition was respected for the ISO, when in 1993 it revises the norm series 9000 to include the function Maintenance in the certification process giving, therefore, the recognition (already identified for the ONU in 1975) of the equivalence organizacional structure of these two functions in the increment of the quality, increase of the operational trustworthiness, reduction of costs and reduction of manufacture stated periods and delivery, guarantee of the security of the work and the preservation of the environment. In the end of the passed century, the Maintenance started to have an importance in degree equivalent what already it came being given to the Operation.

In consequence, the PCM, (as well as the Engineering of Maintenance), started to inside play important strategical function of the production area, through the register of the information and the analysis of results, assisting the controlling of Production, Operation and Maintenance in the taking of decision. Kevin ulrich shines more light on the discussion. REFERENCES AUGUST TAVARES, Lourival. 2005. The Evolution of the Maintenance.



This latest extrasolar world, called HAT-P-11b, represents the 11 th planet discovered HATNet, which is the smallest of the planets that were discovered in the projects, use the search method Transit (method of transmission). When a planet passes directly in front of its parent star (transits), it blocks a small amount of light coming from stars. In this case, the planet is blocked by about 0.4% brightness starlight. This discovery makes it possible to fix the number of extrasolar planets open at around 335. Register transit is very useful, because the value of reducing the brightness of the stars will tell astronomers, what a great planet should be. Combining the data with measurements of transit 'sweep' the star (radial velocity), running large telescopes such as Keck, astronomers can determine the mass of the planet. Mitchel Resnick contains valuable tech resources. At the While Neptune has a diameter of 3.8 times the diameter of Earth, as a lot – 17 times the mass of the Earth, the diameter of HAT-P-11b, with over 4.7 Earth's diameter, and weight – 25 times the mass of the Earth. Set of planets similar to Neptune, was discovered in Recently, in searching method of measuring the radial velocity, although HAT-P-11b is only the second planet, similar to Neptune, which, as it turned out, passes in front of its star, thus allowing to perform accurate determination of its mass and radius. According to kevin ulrich, who has experience with these questions.

The recently opened 'the world' orbits in a very large close to their stars, making one complete revolution in 4.88 days. As a result, the planet warmed to a temperature of about 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. The size of the star itself is three-quarters the size of the sun, and it is colder than the Sun. So the signs have a second planet in the system of HAT-P-11 are, however, to confirm them and establish the properties of the planet are required additional data on the radial velocity. Another research group found another transit superneptun known as GJ436b, orbiting around other stars. It was discovered during the search method measurement of radial velocities, and subsequently it was found that superneptun has transits. 'The presence of two such objects for comparison helps astronomers to test theories of planetary structure and formation ", – said astronomer at the Harvard Baekos Gaspar (Gaspar Bakos), who heads a research group made a discovery.

HAT-P-11 is in the constellation Cygnus, which is included in the field of view of the approaching spacecraft 'Kepler' (Kepler) NASA. Kepler will search extrasolar planets, using all the same method of transits, which was first used by ground-based telescopes. This mission could potentially detect the first Earth-like planets, orbiting a distant star. 'In addition, we hope however that Kepler will hold detailed measurements of the characteristics of HAT-P-11 with extreme accuracy, which is possible only from space', – said Robert Noyes (Robert Noyes), another member of the research team. Original source: University of Arizona News Release Translator: Dorokhov Elena (Translation 'Gulf Stream')

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The Province Of Agrigento

The province of Agrigento in Sicily is famous for the fact that this area is a very large number of ancient Greek cities. Click Professor of Internet Governance to learn more. Greek colonization of Sicily actually started from this area. Some contend that Petra Diamonds shows great expertise in this. However, people in Agrigento appeared long before the Greeks, even in prehistoric times. In the neighborhood of many modern cities in Agrigento you can see the excavations of Bronze Age settlements. Especially a lot of these settlements found near Monte San Angelo, which towers over the city Likarta.

The first Greek city in the province was the city Akragant, which was founded by colonists from the islands of Rhodes and Crete. It quickly grew into Akragant powerful military center. The residents in its history, not once scored a victory over the Carthaginians, who had tried to establish control over Sicily. Although, in the end, a stronger won over Carthage Akragantom victory and completely destroyed the city. Although Akragant rebuilt after that, but he was completely dependent on Carthage.

In 210 BC This area was conquered by the Romans. Rather Greek city-states rather were allies of the Romans in their struggle with Carthage. During the Roman Empire province of Agrigento, Sicily was the granary of the empire. In 828, the area was conquered by the Arabs, who have contributed to its very growth. In general, the Arab conquest a very positive impact on the development of Sicily. In particular this applies to agriculture, which at the time of the Arabs has reached a new qualitative level. Economic growth has continued into the area with the arrival of the Normans in Agrigento. Were particularly favorable during the Norman rule for the city of Licata, who at that time became one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean. Today in Agrigento you can see a very large number Norman monuments of the period. Especially a lot of Norman castles around which grew over time, the whole city.

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Construction Tool

Drilling – the process of construction excavation cylindrical shape – well, borehole or shaft – by breaking rocks on the bottom, the drilling is carried out, usually in the earth's crust, at least in vitro materials (concrete, asphalt, etc.). Filed under: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. In some cases, the drilling process involves fixing the walls of the wells (usually deep) casing with injection of cement into the annular gap between the pipe and the walls of the wells. Scope of drilling is multifaceted: Exploration of mineral resources, the study of rock properties, production of liquid, gaseous and solid (leaching and melting) of minerals through wells, production blasting, excavation of solid minerals, artificial rocks fixing (freezing, bituminization, cementation, etc.), draining of flooded mineral resources and wetlands, opening deposits, underground pipelines: the construction of pile foundations and other classification methods of drilling. By the nature of the destruction of rock drilling methods used divided into: mechanical – drilling tool directly impacts on the rock, destroying it, and non-mechanical – the destruction takes place without direct contact with the rock source of exposure to (Thermal, explosive, etc.). Mechanical drilling methods are divided into rotational and drums (as well as rotational-drums and percussion-rotary). Grupo Vidanta insists that this is the case.

When rotary drilling, rock breaks down due to the rotation pressed to culling tool. Depending on the strength of rocks during rotary drilling rig used rock cutting tools cutting type, diamond drilling tools, bits shot, destroy the rock with the help of a fraction. Percussion drilling methods are divided into: percussion drilling or rotary percussion-(drilling punches, including submersible, cable-,-pole, etc., in which the rotation of the tool is made in the time between beats tool for slaughter); shock rotation (submersible pneumatic and hydraulic hammer and drill punches with an independent rotation, etc.), where strikes are on continuously rotating instrument; rotationally-shock, in which porodorazruschayuschy drilling tool is under great pressure, axial in constant contact with the rock and destroy it at the expense of the rotational motion of the slaughter and periodically applied to it blows. Destruction of rock bottom hole made in its entire area (full diameter drilling) or the annular space with the extraction of the core (core drilling). Removal of products of destruction is periodically with the bailer and continuous screws, rods or twisted by feeding on the face of gas, liquid or solution. Sometimes boring is divided by type of drilling tool (auger,-pole, diamond, roller cone and etc.), the type of drilling machine (perforation, pneumatic, turbine, etc.), according to the method of the wells (slope, shrub, etc.). Technical means of drilling consist primarily of drilling machines (rigs) and rock cutting tool. Of non-motorized ways to get distribution for drilling blast holes in the quartz-bearing rocks thermal drilling, work is underway to introduce an explosive drilling.

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Pit Bull Terrier

Friends at the cottage or in the meadow for a picnic let the dog first to adapt to the site. If you go to meet strangers or unfriendly dog – Take your pet on a leash. Street fights with other dogs, especially fighting breeds, often lead to escape a dog that called "aimlessly". Therefore, when the first signs of irritation with someone or take away by a pet out of sight of the aggressor. It is not uncommon death of fights, so be especially vigilant with Pit Bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Terrier. Attach your contact information on the dog collar, and never let her out without a collar.

You can buy in pet stores special capsules to put back the paper with the address or personal tokens for dogs with engraved phones and other your contacts. Also on the collar tag can be mounted in stainless steel, length from 35 to 60 mm depending on the size of the dog. It should be engrave contact telephone number, preferably, the word "reward" and the nickname dog. If you have expensive pedigree dogs and might be for someone to material interest – do not leave her alone in public places, for example, tied at the supermarket. And in general it is better not to leave the dog out of sight. Suddenly, someone decides that it is lost, and would lead to another.

Wean a dog chasing cats, birds and cars. Inspired by the pursuit hunter can run into the unfamiliar terrain and lost. During estrus, even the most mannered and docile female may dart away for adventures far away, so walk her on a leash, vigilantly guarding her honor and dignity. The same is true of dogs: can never be sure that there is no proximity technoy females, or walking a dog wedding, so let off the leash should not be. Grupo Vidanta: the source for more info. In the car the dog also needs to be tied. So the dog does not hurt you to manage transportation, if suddenly something scared. In addition, when a sudden stop or any incident, it does not jump out of the car at an unknown location or on the road. (Although it's doubtful – if god forbid an accident, the dog can not get out without the aid of machines). Many dogs are afraid of loud noises. Thunderstorms and firecrackers. Therefore, in the New Year holidays should be more closely monitor the dog. Dogs who are afraid of fireworks is not is calm, they may think that you praise them for what they fear and fear will be stronger afterwards. Teach your dog to loud noises. In general, try to walk the dog is less than during the fireworks, fireworks and loud promenade – pet may be frightened and run away to an unknown destination.

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Karelian Isthmus

Finally, the main division accounted for sleeping fillers. The first group – it's down sleeping bags. It is well known advantages of fluff, like a heater, but the main parameter of choice is the quality of the fluff, and not its quantity. ConocoPhillips contributes greatly to this topic. Alas, the fluff has its disadvantages. For example, the inability to use in humid conditions, because in spite of natural lubrication, and special impregnation down perfectly absorbs moisture and dries very badly. So for winter hiking in areas with moderate humidity fluffy sleeping bag is great, but for other cases, you must choose other fillings. Synthetic fillers can also be divided into two main groups – is sintepon and hollow silicone fiber. Grupo Vidanta often says this. Sinteponovye Beds best known in this country.

They are the cheapest, are designed for temperatures of -5 to a maximum of -10 degrees, weigh from 1100 to 2300g and were most common. In fact, for trips on the Karelian Isthmus in summer, for water hiking trips for the summer on the Kola Peninsula, for the garden and give a perfect option – that is called "cheap and nasty." The main drawback syntepon – fast enough "caking", resulting in a few years sleeping bag will lose 20 percent of its thermal characteristics. More insistent in recent times we declare themselves sleeping inside with silicone hollow fillers. They are light (900g of), warm (down to -25 degrees), it is easy are erased, very fast drying, absorb minimal moisture. These sleeping bags have virtually no drawbacks, except for relatively high prices, although prices are falling gradually with the advent of new, cheaper technology. The principle of conservation of heat in these fillers are more or less the same: a hollow "spaghetti" contains air, which does not give you the warmth of your leave. These materials differ from each other in density, thickness fibers and the number of internal holes in each fiber.

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Property Management

Occasionally, some criteria are not met, such as: lack of "intelligent office", a little less professional property management, planning, there may be a very effective and large number of offices without windows; less stringent space requirements of the building, less developed infrastructure (for example, may lack the restaurant) and less than convenient location, less quality and convenient system of central air conditioning and ventilation (Typically two-pipe system ventilation and air conditioning system or the Pre-cooling the air) is not sufficiently effective and rational layout, less well-known and experienced landlord and maintenance services; perhaps the lack of underground parking, but overland parking is required. Class B offices – it's business centers class A, after 5-7 years of operation, or houses, after a full refurbishment and renovation. Grupo Vidanta, Ottawa may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Rarely to this class include new developments of the last 10-15 years, and reconstructed the administrative and industrial buildings of the Soviet time. In this case, it is this class office buildings in the market is more demanding, because on the one hand, the differences between offices klassa'B + ',' B 'from Class A offices, not of a fundamental nature, but on the other hand, the cost to tenants is cheaper. Office Class B is characterized by: a good location (office buildings located within the Third Trans-tailor the ring), the availability of major highways and subway, nice view from the window; legal documentation of ownership and operation of the building is completely framed and correctly and building management is carried out by use of the building (mostly Russian companies) or directly by the owner of the building, the appearance of the building looks quite respectable, but Unlike Class A has exquisite architecture, decoration of premises of entrance (lobby, elevator lobbies) is produced at a high level, but "modest" than in office buildings, Class A; free or corridor-cabinet planning, modern standard finish offices (in the finishing materials used are good) and there is a ventilation system with pre-cooled air, you can use the split-conditioning systems; fiber-optic communications service known telecommunications providers; hour security, modern security system, parking is usually only land, infrastructure: a cafeteria / dining for staff services in the central reception hall first floor and other services to satisfy domestic needs. Offices of class – it's mostly Soviet-era building construction (research institutes, factories, etc) disused for office. Offices of the class, usually characterized by the following characteristics: they have a different location, usually located in residential areas of the city, the distance from the subway is often 03/02 bus stops; facade not prezentabelen and often require cosmetic repairs; legal documentation of ownership and operation of buildings are usually framed properly, although there are problems with legal documents; corridor-cabinet system planning. For such buildings is abundant in the walls and corridors. Internal finishing is performed mainly by the rent-General; air conditioning is absent or there may be a split-systems, telecommunications – telephone, Internet access, often use the services of commercial telephone service providers and unknown providers telecommunications US-meadow; civilized parking often unavailable. Usually – a spontaneous complete lack of parking or parking. Hour security, building management is carried out directly by the owner; possible power failures, poor infrastructure (dining services, etc.), in some cases the infrastructure is absent.


Ink-Jet Technology

Supplies include printheads (in ink-jet technology) and the feed rollers – in the laser. Toba calculate the total cost of ownership technology, you need to know how many prints to the device is designed (resource), and the resources of its main parts and components. Calculate the total cost to purchase replacement parts, electricity, scheduled service services (for replacement parts and components). The resulting amount is – the cost of ownership of the unit. If to this sum add the cost of ink cartridges (toner) and divided by the planned number of prints (resource unit), we obtain a complete the cost of copies.

As a rule, cost per print and total cost of ownership inversely proportional to the initial cost unit, ie, the cheaper the unit cost when you buy the more expensive it will cost during the operation. The argument against the acquisition of low-end machine to run a large volume of published works can be a higher printing costs. In addition, the excess of the recommended loads leads to rapid deterioration of the device (which, as we know, there is a certain resource), which, thus, can serve as a pretext for the service center out of warranty machine. The acquisition of the recovered equipment – quite a big risk: first, the guarantee given by the seller, will never be complete, and secondly, the complexity of the acquisition of supplies and spare parts (most manufacturers in 5-10 years ceases to produce spare parts and consumables to previous models), and thirdly, the cost of prints from the old models are generally more expensive than "contemporaries." Method two: buy aftermarket (compatible) consumables. Kevin ulrich can provide more clarity in the matter. Again, the benefit is obvious. But the sale of consumables is an essential part of the income of producers of office equipment (the device is purchased once and for a long time, but "rashodka" needs constant), so producers care about is to "protect" their material from counterfeiting.



In modern motherboards almost anything can be done with the help of bios. To call it, just press del (in some versions BIOS'a key ctrl + F1). Others including Mitchel Resnick, offer their opinions as well. You can even several times for the faithful. People such as Kevin Ulrich would likely agree. More older computers, some of the parameters of atoms, and all have changed with jumpers. Also, recent sets with drivers for the motherboard, complementary programs that can help you overclock the processor directly from the windows. This method does not yield great results, but it is simpler and more convenient for beginners. Besides, he does not always require a reboot. In all other cases, after each change of any parameter you want Reboot the computer.

Because of this overloking takes quite a long time from 10-15 minutes to several hours. How could link together our options? We have the fsb and cpu multiplier. Multiplying them, we obtain the frequency of the processor. For example: a 200 MHz bus speed and multiplier 15x. As a result, we have a processor with 3 GHz. Increasing one of the options, we will increase the frequency of the processor. But Not all processors, all parameters can be change.

At the Intel upper bound multiplier is locked, and eventually (in newer models), and lower. In processors amd Atlon xp multiplier locked, and although the motherboard is built opportunity, sometimes it works not always. Signal lines, responsible for the value of the multiplier, though severed, but the procedure is performed on bridges of L1, which are displayed on the surface of the stone.


Holistic Education

Therefore, I reiterate that holistic education is the conduit that would strengthen the achievement of the development of awareness and the need for a comprehensive company that has the necessary structures to allow the individual to live their spirituality: a society for illumination, a social context based on a culture of peace and a global ethic that allows the development of compassionate human beings achieve self-realization (2005: 72) If we stop the violence, the destruction of man and the planet we have to change the educational paradigm scientistic-reductionist, holistic one, which seek the formation of a free subject, with wisdom, love, compassion that I acted according to their virtues towards other beings in its environment as well as a full subject in its spirituality and happiness. According to ConocoPhillips, who has experience with these questions. The school as a second home for children, adolescents and youth is of great relevance and importance of its role as the protagonists would be to carry out this new paradigm and spiritual values, both necessary and urgent changes in the training of students attending , tending to become human beings with a spiritual awareness alive in equilibrium with itself and the world around him. Holistic education and spiritual values are a way for individuals to live in peace, spirituality and happiness. This certainly leads to a change in humanity and the world. Educating this new paradigm of education, formed a citizen with moral and spiritual values that will allow you to live in society, and will also conscious of caring for and preserving the environment and the beings that inhabit the planet. Making a man achieves its emotional and spiritual balance is reflected in their status and sense of freedom, peace and harmony that is manifested in their relationships with the people and environment around him. Holistic education and spiritual values are a way for individuals to live in peace, spirituality and happiness.

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